Dear Gracious Living Constructions,

I wish to take the opportunity to thank you and all your team on your effort building the house for us.

It is a very comfortable house for our affordable budget. The house is designed perfectly for us, thank you. You have delivered us our first home under the Governments Affordable Housing Scheme, which is the only way we could have achieved it. It is not grand, but it is comfortable and we love it, and more importantly it meets our needs. I have to say that the house has good energy efficiency and is bright with happiness. I can tell you that my family loves living here.

I hope that you can achieve what you want to achieve in the future. And once again, thank you and your team’s efforts on constructing our new home.

Kind regards



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  • AVOCA Display Home
    22 Yeomans Street
    Strathnairn ACT 2615
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